Catheter Tipping Machines

Medical manufacturers around the globe rely on premium equipment to tip, bond and flare catheters in their production environment. Technology adapts to the vast spectrum of catheters with custom tooling fitted per application. Quality catheter tipping machines utilize quick-change tooling to maximize uptime for manufacturers.

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Catheter Forming Dies

Superior high-performance dies are critical for tipping, bonding and flaring catheters to the utmost technical tolerances. Tipping dies are manufactured to suit exacting geometry of catheters made of all types of polymers. High-density carbide is an excellent die material choice to deliver flashless tips and extend production life.

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Catheter Development Services

Industry experts help develop the necessary processes to get new catheter parts into production. With the right technology, a development team can quickly determine setup of an application's manufacturing process. The medical manufacturer needs proof of concept for new devices and getting a new product to market is a critical step of making a design a reality.

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Catheter tipping technology, service & support

Performance RF catheter tipping equipment is just one ingredient to get a product to market. The first step – developing a process – can be aided by a vendor with a supportive customer process development team.

Expert team members will then produce excellent quality finished parts for approval before a manufacturer even commits to a machine purchase. Custom tooling and dies are manufactured to exacting specification so that each specific catheter application will be reproducible in a production environment.

Then, new catheter tipping equipment should be ready to plug in and produce great parts when it arrives in the manufacturer's clean room. Helping the end user succeed in reaching business goals is part of a successful catheter tipping machine company's goals, as well.

Tip Catheters using the best equipment ...

Premier catheter tipping equipment will sustain a production environment even as product output changes. Catheters and other medical devices will look and perform better when tipped, formed, bonded or flared on top-tier RF machines.